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    Today's business environment brings a lot of insecurity in financial statements of the companies than ever before. Independent audit from ACCOUNT may resolve these. Accurate structured approach, extended professional experience and international standards of service are our input into Your Business.
    Ukrainian businesses are faced with striving in a dynamic economic environment. The major issue is to find its continuous existence in a system of constant changes and local legislation. We provide for just-in-time solutions, and resolve the most difficult situations with the best results for your business.
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    Top business objective for the successful Manager is to ensure high quality of work and reliability of employees for the company. Entrusting professionals or hiring office accountants? Outsourcing this task to ACCOUNT shall allow you to properly allocate your business resources and provide additional assurance for the future.
Group of companies ACCOUNT —
professional accountants, auditors and lawyers at Your service

Audit has never been as important as it is nowadays. Much more mistrust and skepticism exist in modern business-environment than ever before. Investors have lost their confidence in corporate governance and are waiting for more: more reliability, control strengthening and clear evidences of inner audit.


Consulting is the services that are provided by independent and professionally trained specialists to help the director of the company in diagnosis, analysis and solution of practical management and production issues.


Starting from what the Accountancy (outsourcing) actually means. This is sharing the responsibility in business processes with the provider in particular sectors, whose expenses are less (an attractive initiative to redistribute a workload), who’s got a certain level of stability and who is also a way of tax optimization for your business.

Legal support

ACCOUNT lawyers have experience with:
• settlement of disputes in court and pre-trial procedures;
• preparation of draft contracts and the examination of existing contracts;
• the resolution of corporate issues, from the establishment of a legal entity to its functioning, ending with the termination of the legal entity;
• counseling in the labor law;
• many other issues faced by a legal entity during its business activities.

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