Audit has never been as important as it is nowadays. Much more mistrust and skepticism exist in modern business-environment than ever before. Investors have lost their confidence in corporate governance and are waiting for more: more reliability, control strengthening and clear evidences of inner audit.

Everyone is aware of the recoupment of the money spent on audit. Even if audit is mandatory due to the legislation, it’s still profitable for the business, helps in identifying weaknesses, allows to adjust and prevent potential problems in the future much easier. We have an amount of clients, that is increasing rapidly, which aren’t obligated to run the audit but still understand how important it is for the business efficiency support.

Audit includes the financial review of the company accounting, checking its financial and tax reporting in order to get accurate information about the financial status of the company. Audit is the creating of trust in the financial information, but in the audit firm «Account» we are making a step forward, not just making sure that the numbers converge. We can consult you in accuracy and reliability of your accounting and also improve the way that you use to prepare and present your economical and financial information.

Our approach is based on the consistent methodology, that is created according to international auditing standards. It is based on fundamental principles of professionalism, independency and ethics, which are followed by every employee.

Our highly qualified specialists will run an audit of your business, reveal threats and provide you with a list of recommendations to fix the problems. We also recommend to run the audit quarterly, this will let you to implement adjustments on an ongoing basis and avoid significant fines for your business.